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But what if you didn't want its player to show? WordPress has a shortcode for that: [video src="put third-party video url here" width="200" height="150"] This produces the same video player that's used when you insert a video you've uploaded to WordPress. Greetings, We're Bach Party, a classical music comedy trio.

We're filming a school classroom scene on June 7th from 2-5pm. The location is an NYU building, 35 W 4th st., room 985. The Birthday Party is a 1985 live video by Motörhead. It features the band's 10th anniversary show at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, England.

During the performance of "Motörhead" the band were joined onstage by all of the past members (with the exception of Larry Wallis), and Thin Lizzy bassist Phil Lynott.

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